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A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Ad

Facebook has one of the largest user bases of all Social Media platforms, with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. If you haven’t taken advantage of advertising on Facebook, you are really missing out on a great opportunity!

For the novice, it may seem confusing and daunting to figure out how to create the perfect ad, but it really doesn’t have to be.

One of the most important things you will need is to understand how to create and reach YOUR target audience so that your ad can be most effective. Facebook collects a lot of data from their users (such as age / hobbies / interests etc.) which in turn makes it easy to target your specific audience. Additionally, they blend in their ads into the users newsfeed in a very un-intrusive manner with no “pop-up” videos or other annoying and distracting marketing methods that would interrupt the seamless user experience we all love. You simply scroll through your news feed and the ads will randomly appear in the feed, so you can click if you’re intrigued.

Want to create an ad? Let’s begin! We will keep this VERY simple.


1) Sign on to your page and click on “Create Ads”. This action will take you to the “Ads Manager” page.

Here is what the ads Manager Page looks like:



2) Now you need to decide what your marketing objective is. If you need help deciding, there is a tab you can click on which will help you choose your objective (see visual above) For our step by step guide we will use “Brand Awareness” as our objective.


3) For future reference make sure to give your campaign a name. For our example let’s use “ CSMG Sherman Oaks Brand Awareness.”



4) Now that you have given your campaign a name, the next step will be to “CREATE a CUSTOM AUDIENCE”. For the purposes of this step by step guide, we will create a custom audience of people who are looking for Digital Marketing Services in the Sherman Oaks area.



5) LOCATION: Sherman Oaks (within a 25 mile radius) AGE: We will choose the range from 21 years old to 65+. For GENDER: we want both Men and Women so we choose All. For LANGUAGES: we will choose English, Spanish and Persian. Please note: The goal is to be as SPECIFIC as possible so you get to your optimal targeted audience. As you are filling out the prompts for your audience, pay attention to the column on the right, which gives you updates on the Audience Definition.



6) Now we will work on the DETAILED TARGETING. Notice how the “Potential Reach” changes from the image (above) which was 5,900,00 to here (below) where we are at 520,000. The drop in numbers is a GOOD thing because we are now weeding out all the people who don’t fit in our specific target audience. A good analogy: If you own a retail ladies clothing store, would you rather have 100 random people walking into your store to browse, or would you rather have 15 serious customers who are specifically looking to purchase the type of ladies clothing your store provides?
Once you are finished you can “Save the Audience” you have created for future ads. We will call our demo audience “Sherman Oaks Prospects for our Services”.



7) Ignore the prompt for “Placements”! (In order to keep this guide simple, we will leave the “Placements” as recommended automatically.) The next step is to decide on your Budget and Schedule. You have the option of a Daily Budget or a Lifetime budget. We will choose a Lifetime budget of $25.00 and will choose the dates from April 15th through April 30.
(Don’t worry about the Advanced Options for now. Facebook will automatically set your ad with the recommendations for the options you have chosen.)



8) Now you get to “Give your Ad a Name” and the fun part … to actually CREATE your ad! We will name our ad “Brand Awareness for Capital Ship” You have the option of using one of your existing posts as your ad, or creating a brand new ad. We are going to use one of our existing images, so we will click on “Single Image” option.



9) Choose “upload Images”. If you don’t have an image, Facebook gives you the option to search for “Free Stock Images.”
Once your image has been uploaded you will see a preview on the right side of the page. You will now need to submit “text” which should also include a URL. REMEMBER: people don’t like to read, so keep your text short and informative!



10) We recommend choosing a “call to action” option depending on your marketing objective. For our example we will use: Learn More.



11) Finish by clicking the green “PLACE ORDER” button on the bottom of the screen. You are DONE!!! Bravo!


Now all you have to do is wait for a few hours for Facebook to review and approve your ad. If it doesn’t get approved, they will notify you and provide a link to Facebook guidelines in order for you to figure out what you need to change in order to be in compliance. Here’s an image of our approved ad:

As with anything, the more you practice and create ads, the easier it becomes and you can try more advanced options, but for now this is a great place to start. We hope this has been helpful! If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email. We would be happy to assist you! Good Luck!


by Alexa Brinkschulte and Yasmin Zafar




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