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A Digital Agency Without Borders!

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Although Capital Ship Marketing Group is located in the Sherman Oaks /Studio City, CA. area, our agency works with clients throughout the United States. Whether you have a small or large business, and wherever you are located, we bring our creative and interactive marketing and branding services to you. Come on board our marketing ship, and we will help steer your marketing efforts towards success!

The Team

The agency was founded by Alexa Brinkschulte and Jeremy Gesicki, both fellow graduates of Full Sail University’s Internet Marketing Masters Program. They come not only with top notch qualifications, but also with extensive practical experience. In addition to broadening their knowledge in terms of digital marketing, their experience at Full Sail taught them how to be successful working in an online environment. The entire program was online, and numerous projects had to be completed virtually, with your teammates scattered across the U.S., and sometimes even across the world.

Upon graduating, Jeremy and Alexa – who live in Madison, WI, and Studio City, CA, respectively – decided to pool their collective marketing knowledge and resources, and start an agency which is able to service clients nationwide. This allows them and their network of marketers to take on projects throughout the U.S., and assemble teams best suited for each project.


What are the benefits of our agency?

  • Agility: We respond quickly to clients’ immediate and ever-changing needs.
  • Flexibility:  We provide digital marketing services anywhere, anytime. We draw from a nationwide pool of expert marketers in order to assemble the perfect team tailored to our clients’ needs.
  • Creativity: Capital Ship strives to create a dynamic atmosphere that fosters team members’ creativity.
  • Speed (Time Efficiency): Due to our extensive network of professionals, campaigns can be implemented quickly, effectively and efficiently.
  • Cost Efficiency: Our practice of hiring professionals on a project-to-project basis keeps our overhead in check.

We will develop strategic marketing campaigns for your business based on your goals. The campaign could range from a purely digital marketing effort to an integrated campaign combining online and offline channels.