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Conversion Optimization is an ongoing process that analyzes the performance of your Internet Marketing campaign, and seeing where improvements can be made. What matters most in every campaign is the bottom line: maximizing a company’s return on investment (ROI). Are you targeting the right keywords? Is your ad copy generating a good click-through rate? Are your ads shown to the right target audience? And, how are visitors behaving once they land on your website – and where are they coming from? Even if your campaign is successful, there is often room for improvement in terms of conversion rate and cost per lead/sale.

By setting goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) we can determine the success of your marketing campaign, and implement optimization efforts such as A/B testing. Tools such as Google Analytics allow our team to monitor your campaign performance in real-time.

We aim to improve your ROI through:

  • A/B and usability testing

  • Web Analytics

  • Setting goals & KPIs

  • Customer questionnaires

  • Keyword and market research