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Is your website lost in Google’s abyss?


Search Engine optimization


The SEO landscape is changing on an almost daily basis. What made a website rank number 1 yesterday, might make it drop to page 50 tomorrow. You need a team that you can rely on – not only to improve your ranking in a healthy way, but to ensure it stays that way. SEO is long-term ongoing process, and long-lasting results will not happen quickly.

Why is SEO important?

Search engines provide an answer to many of life’s daily questions. Whether we are looking to find a product or service, research a company, or compare prices – we “google” everything.

Therefore, unless your target audience seeks out your website directly because of prior knowledge: if it does not show in search engines, it might as well be non-existent. Our experts will help to rank your website in search engines for specific keywords.


SEO Strategies

 Every SEO campaign includes:

  • On-site optimization: Effective use of keywords in the content, unique and accurate page titles, a user-friendly and frequently updated website, and great use of the meta description are important aspects of on-site SEO.

  • Offsite optimization (link building): Inbound links from reputable sites will not only generate awareness by themselves, but are a vital factor when it comes to a website’s search ranking. Google, for example, determines a website’s authority by the number and quality of inbound links, and uses this as “proof” that the site will likely be of interest to users – and thus ranks the site higher.

  • Local search optimization: If your company is a local businesses, part of our SEO efforts will go toward improving your local search listing. Local search listings often appear alongside organic search results on page 1, and can greatly increase awareness for a brand, as well as generate leads and sales from local customers.

  • Google Authorship: This strategy goes hand-in-hand with social media efforts. It entails the client’s website to maintain a frequent blog, and to assign it an “author signature” that is linked with the author’s Google+ profile. Establishing the author as an authority has numerous benefits for SEO, and establishes confidence and trust in web searchers by making the search results more personal.

Every SEO campaign should be accompanied by social media management. “Social Signals” (tweets, shares, likes, +1) have become a vital factor in search engine ranking.

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