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Helpful Hints On How To Manage Your On-line Reputation!

Helpful hints on how to manage your on-line reputation

I was enjoying a lunch at a local bistro in Sherman Oaks with a friend last week. The table next to us was occupied by a couple who seemed very irritated at the poor waitress who appeared to be working extra hard to please them. It wasn’t going very well. They seemed to be intent on complaining despite all her efforts to meet their needs. As she walked away, I heard the couple discussing how they would leave a “scathing” review on YELP about their bad experience. How unfortunate! This scenario likely takes place all the time, so it begs the question: What can a business do to mitigate disasters in reputation that may be unfair?

In this day and age of the Internet, you’d be remiss if you think your business will not be affected by its’ online reputation  people absolutely take the time to read ratings and reviews prior to visiting any business, so what they find about you and your business is critical and should not be ignored.

What can you do to help manage your reputation:

  • Any negative experiences should be identified and addressed as soon as possible. Check in with all customers before they leave your business. This is the ideal time to remedy any deficiencies and dramatically decrease the likelihood of exaggerated and vengeful reviews.
  • People tend to leave reviews not only when their experience is exceptionally bad bust also when the experience has been exceptionally good, so don’t hesitate to encourage happy customers to leave you helpful reviews on-line.
  • Have a list ready to hand your customer with direct links to your business listing with major on-line review sites in order to facilitate the process of leaving a review. If it’s not easy, they won’t bother!
  • Consider creating a private link on your website where customers can vent and complain directly. You can immediately respond and do damage control before they go to a public site and vent for all eyes to see! Sometimes just the opportunity to be heard and validated can do wonders if you are diligent and make sure to follow up with every complaint.
  • Look into “reputation monitors” sites such as ones listed below in order to easily be informed of anything and everything that gets posted about your business. Make certain to respond immediately and address all posts… both good and bad!  Reputation.com / ReviewTrackers.com / ReviewPush.com

Being privy to the fact that on-line reviews are also a ranking factor and definitely impact your SEO, it’s time to start thinking ahead of the game and begin the year focusing on developing a positive reputation for your business rather than having to constantly manage and repair a bad one.

In case you were wondering: after my lunch, I went on YELP and gave the bistro a 5 star review in order to counteract the unfair, scathing comment .


by Yasmin Zafar


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