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Digital Marketing & Beyond

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At Capital Ship we provide a wide range of marketing services with a digital focus, along with integrated campaigns utilizing both online and offline channels. We can also assist with branding and business strategies. After looking at you and your brand’s specific needs, we will draft a proposal that may include:


  • Marketing Campaign Management: This includes the design, implementation, and management of the chosen marketing efforts and can include both online and offline campaigns.

We are highly specialized in digital marketing, which includes:

Search Engine Optimization

PPC Advertising

Social Media Campaigns & Management

Conversion-friendly web design

Conversion Optimization

Email Marketing

  • Business Strategy and Branding: In order for marketing campaigns to be successful, the company’s business strategy has to be solid. In addition, the company and/or product has to be branded effectively. How does your audience perceive you and your products/services? Does your brand have a persona, or a “face”, that speaks to your target audience? If not, your marketing campaign will not maximize its potential.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: In addition to our different digital marketing services, we are equipped to develop and implement fully integrated marketing campaigns that target various online and offline customer touch points. This will ensure that the marketing message is received by the greatest number of people possible. Campaigns might include Digital Marketing, PR, email, in-store promotions, direct marketing, and broadcast/print advertising.