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SPOTLIGHT: Our clients at Visual i Solutions



Visual i Solutions signed on with us around 3 years ago. They wanted a new website with an emphasis on SEO as well as help with their Social Media. We have had so much fun working with owner Jose Cruz!



It was very important to him that their website was well organized and easy to navigate. There is a LOT of information to convey to the audience in the Audio Visual Service world. Starting from all the various equipment available for rent, to all the various services they offer plus there is the fact that they have multiple locations throughout the United States. It could be very overwhelming to someone looking for specific information on their website.  We took the time to break down all the information into multiple specific categories, and then spent time on reducing the verbiage until the information was very specific and clear (people don’t like to read!)  We worked on designing each page on the website to be choreographed within the theme colors and “look” for continuity and made the content such that is it easy on the eyes so that finding the information you are looking for isn’t a nightmare.

In addition to be making the site user-friendly, throughout the design process we made sure that the website was SEO friendly.

Our on-site SEO efforts included:

  • Keyword research
  • Adding meta tags using high-quality keywords (title tags, alt image tags, meta descriptions, and header tags)
  • Optimizing text content for keywords
  • Easy navigation and good URL structure
  • Having a good internal linking structure with no 404 pages
  • Making the site mobile friendly (a very important ranking factor these days!)
  • Improving site load times
  • Improving site accessibility (from different browsers and for people’s with visual disabilities)
  • W3C validation and browser compatibility
  • Schema optimization

Having fresh, engaging content is another vital part of SEO. A static site that hasn’t been updated in months is not good for its ranking in search engines. As in any industry, there is always new information, new products and exciting events within the industry.  This is where our blogs come in to play. Writing various blogs that are pertinent to the industry and specifically to our client play a great role not only for the business in general, but also tie into helping the SEO for the website. We cover everything from recommending various venues for events in various cities, to explaining new technology that can augment events and presentations.

In addition, “off-site” SEO efforts are very important in order to increase rankings on search engines. Off-site SEO is essentially content marketing in order to increase quality backlinks to the website. Google and other search engines use quality backlinks (from other sites with high authority) as a gauge for a website’s authority and popularity, and will rank it accordingly for the targeted keywords.

Off-site SEO strategies for Visual i Solutions include:

  • Article and slide show creation and syndication
  • Sharing of blog posts on various social media outlets
  • PDF and press release creation and submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submissions and business listings
  • Forum and blog commenting

The SEO efforts have shown great results, with numerous targeted keywords now on the 1st page of Google, with more moving up. It is a long terms effort and it has taken over 12 months of continuous SEO work to get these results. The industry is highly competitive, with many of Visual i Solutions’ competitors also working on SEO.

Keyword progress examples:


The next step was to work on increasing their presence on various Social Media platforms.  The most exciting work we did was on their Facebook Page.  We worked on featuring interesting content and launching campaigns to increase their visibility (in other words increasing page “likes” in order to have a greater audience) Once we established an audience, the next task was to zero in on the type of content that encourages audience interaction. For ViS, we found a nice balance with humorous posts that are pertinent to the industry, featuring blogs and articles that are informative and also featuring articles introducing new technology and how it can be used to help augment customer/audience experiences in various events that use AV. Over the span of 3 years, their Facebook audience has grown by a substantial percentage. At the start of the campaign in January 2014, they had virtually no social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. We have helped to grow their audience to over 1,000 likes on Facebook and close to 400 followers on Twitter with a healthy amount of engagement.




We look forward to continuing to help Jose and his company to succeed in a very competitive marketplace by having a solid presence in the ever-evolving digital world.  We take pride in staying up to speed on the latest marketing strategies and technologies so our clients can focus on their business and leave the rest to us.

If you need help, we offer a free one-hour consultation, so contact us and let’s see what we can do to help your business in the digital world!

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