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“My company, MusicIntersection.com has worked with Alexa at Capital Ship Marketing Group for over two years now and we are delighted with the work they have carried out so far. Music Intersection Inc., is a music production entity, so a lot of internet related goals are always needing to be addressed. Alexa has been instrumental in increasing the ranking for my company in terms of internet searches. This attracts more traffic (clients). My personal website, ClarenceJey.com also came to life, thanks to Alexa. Capital Ship is very efficient in delivering well within deadlines. I would highly recommend working with them! Better than trying to float one’s own boat, is to honestly let Capital Ship Marketing do it for you. It truly helps in today’s digital marketplace.”– Clarence Jey, Music Intersection.


“I was so fortunate to have Capital Ship Marketing Group as our Digital Marketing Agency during my time at GlobalSign as Regional Marketing Manager. They assisted us continuously with improving SEO for our new website, developing SEM campaigns to drive traffic to the site, as well as advising us on global Display and Social Media campaigns to increase Lead Generation in the US, Europe, and Latin America. Working with Capital ship is always a pleasure! They are responsive, detailed, on time and on budget, and very strategic with their advice.” – Maria Nedelcheva, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist.


“With so many companies happy to take your money to enhance your online presence, I continue to use and recommend CAPITAL SHIP MARKETING GROUP.  They take a pragmatic, ROI Approach and understand the way Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and your company website work together and ‘think.’ ” – Lucky Lehrer, Pro Drummer.


“For years I’ve been trying to create a fun, functional, interesting website.  With Capital Ship and Alexa’s help, we were able to make the necessary updates to customize my site just like I’ve always dreamed!  Alexa is easy going, professional and her team does great work!  I highly recommend Capital Ship Marketing Group!”  – Cynthia Catania, Singer-Songwriter, Blogger.


“Alexa and her team were such a surprising gift in helping me learn how to market my professional services online. I’m not techie and needed Alexa’s patience and talents-her ability to teach and her abilities to upgrade my and duet with me to achieve high google ranking in my geographic area. She inspired and coached me so that I can now post  in social media and edit my word press website. She’s my go to person because I have confidence that she knows what she can do and what she can’t do – which is invaluable.” – Lynn Krown MA, MFT