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The Impact of Social Media on the Presidential Campaign 2016

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With the ever shrinking attention span in our increasingly fast paced world, it’s not surprising that the 2016 Presidential Campaign has found the use of Social Media to be critical.


The tech savvy millennials who are a particularly sought after voter group, rely greatly on various social media platforms from which to extract their information. Their preferences lean towards video and live streaming, so any candidate who hopes to capture the attention of this demographic would be remiss not to consider Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and so on.

It is the first election in the history of the United States where the candidates have been embracing social media for distribution of both carefully manufactured posts as well as spontaneous posts that offer a unique perspective to the viewer and encourage sharing, commenting and easy accessibility. It’s a novelty to be able to easily provide information and establish a more personal relationship with an audience through multiple posts daily… in digestible doses.

It’s easy to see how the shift has taken place. Less and less of the population watches television to access practical information. Why wait for the 9 o’clock news to hear the latest on a debate when you can Google and find the exact information within seconds? Statistics show that even the Candidates’ web pages play second fiddle to the various social media networks. Considering the amount of time and money it costs to produce and create TV commercials in contrast to the speed and ease with which content can be distributed through the Internet it’s no surprise the Internet option is so popular.

Donald Trump has single handedly become the King of Twitter with his provocative and outrageous posts that constantly make headlines in the media. One doesn’t have to be a Trump fan to be intrigued and entertained and even impressed with his ability to dominate the media and engage an audience with his posts. The key thing to remember is any publicity is better than no publicity and social media makes that an easy game to play. Just check out some of the many platforms he uses and see for yourself!

Another prime example of a political candidate who has tapped into an array of social media initiatives is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She has maintained and extended her popularity on various channels:

– Facebook : over five and half million page “likes”

– Twitter: over eight and a half million followers

– Instagram: almost two million followers

– Youtube: Over 70,000 subscribers


Some other less obvious networks she has tapped into include:

– Spotify: You can listen to her speeches on The Official 2016 Playlist .

Pinterest: She shares granddaughter gift ideas, favorite moments, and some other things.

Medium: Medium is a new place on the Internet where people share ideas and stories.

Whatever platform your preference is, you will be able to find good content quickly and conveniently.

It’s not far fetched to say that the impact of social media on this year’s election is highly significant. What’s your opinion? Share your thoughts with us!


by Yasmin Zafar

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