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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016


Digital Marketing 2016

No one likes to be left behind, so as we approach the end of 2015, we may want to start pondering what lies ahead for us in the digital marketing world for 2016.

There are always some very cool technologies that get us super excited, such as Virtual Reality. How about Oculus Rift? Very cool, right? However, in my opinion, it may be a few years before the application and integration of such novelties into our daily lives, and hence their use in marketing, may become possible. Remember Google glasses, and why it failed?  Yes, a stunning technological accomplishment with so much potential, but perhaps not the right timing.

Here are three important and realistic strategies that I think we must pay attention to in 2016:

Optimization for Mobile Devices

A recent study found that the average adult in the USA spends approximately 5 hours a day looking at their mobile device. The chances are that anybody browsing your website will be doing so using their mobile phone,  making it imperative that your website be optimized for mobile use! Doing so is not very costly, nor is it very complicated. Companies like Duda have tools that make customizing your site very easy. If you are designing a new site using a template, look for ones that are customized to be responsive to mobile use. We at Capital Ship Marketing offer this service too, and can assist you update your existing site!


Proximity Marketing

Do you remember walking in the mall and being handed a flyer with a discount coupon from the store a few doors down? Well, proximity marketing is the same idea, but done digitally via the customers mobile device. This type of marketing involves accumulating miscellaneous information that ensures the client being targeted is actually interested in the product being offered. It also determines when to send the marketing material based on the physical location of the customer. Location devices such as Beacons (in conjunction with mobile apps) are used to track and alert the customer. For instance, if you have researched “cashmere sweaters” online, the chances of you walking into a boutique who has just sent you a digital coupon offering 20% off cashmere sweaters in the next hour, is very likely! Privacy shouldn’t be a big concern, because proximity marketing is only accessible by individuals who have given permission to receive such transmissions by turning on their location–based tracking Apps.


Video ads

Forbes had predicted that video ads will dominate the marketing world in 2016. This prediction comes with the knowledge that Google is set to start using Video ads in its’ search results. Users have become more accepting of and familiar with video ads through various popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Bing. It’s definitely time to consider video ads as part of your marketing strategy for 2016!


We wish you the happiest of Holidays from Capital Ship Marketing and look forward to sharing a prosperous New Year with you all!



by Yasmin Zafar

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