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Understanding Social Media

Understanding Social Media

One of the most common problems we see with Businesses on Social Media is tons and tons of posts, endless tweets and Pins, but zero engagement! The question we are asked most often is “How often should we post on Social Media, and what type of content should we post?”

There really is no “one size fits all” solution, and the best advise we can give is that as you strategize and gradually build your social media presence, you will find a balance of content and frequency that’s right for your business. The key word is Strategize. Without the proper research and planning, you will most likely not be taking full advantage of the potential for growth through social media.


To better understand and have a visual, here is an analogy for you:

Real Life Socializing vs. Digital Socializing


Real life Networking scenario:

Imagine you are attending a conference with 1,000 plus fellow business owners.

  • You would make sure to be impeccably and professionally dressed and groomed to best represent your company.
  • You will be prepared and educated on what the conference is focusing on.
  • You will set out to meet and make connections with the attendees.
  • You wouldn’t stand in the middle of the venue and start loudly telling no one in particular: “We sell the best Widgets!!” “Our company has great deals!!” “Come and buy from us!!” That wouldn’t go very well! People may avoid you, or think you’re annoying, right?
  • You would take the time to meet and greet and engage in conversation that is relevant, interesting and informative.

Online Social Media networking:

Imagine going to your Facebook business page which has around 1,000 likes.

  • You make sure your site is impeccable, professional and inviting. CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR!
  • You educate yourself on your audience and what their needs from your company are.
  • You will set out to post interesting and educational posts to draw in and engage your audience.
  • You strategize to put out quality content, not quantity.
  • You assess the success of the posts over time to see what frequency and what content draws the most engagement. Posting too many times or not enough are both big mistakes!

Another thing to consider with Social Media is to see which platforms will benefit your company.

  • Facebook: The number one social media platform with over one billion accounts. Every business should have an account. You can post all sorts of information here, from reposting interesting articles, to newsletters, blogs, testimonials, photographs and quotes. Keep the headers brief and non-complicated, and use hashtags sparingly!

We would recommend posting at least 3 times per week and at most 7 times per week

  • Twitter: This is a very fast paced platform, and chances are users won’t scroll through to see what you have posted in the past. You have a small window of opportunity to have your tweets seen, and we encourage the use of hashtags. Twitter is great for trending topics (elections, breaking news, announcements etc.) This platform is not for every business, however we do recommend creating an account in order to secure your reputation and not allow a bogus accounts with harmful content to be created in your name.

We would recommend posting a minimum of 3 times per week.

  • Linkedin: This is mostly a business tool, and every professional individual should have a profile set up, as well as a company profile. In order to keep your page fresh, share important things once in a while (News within your industry or your latest blog for instance). You can take advantage of joining group discussions for networking within your industry.

We recommend posting at least a couple of times a month.

  • Instagram: We like to think of this platform as a “Magazine”. Since it is image based, you want to be sure to post attractive photographs and definitely use hashtags to draw an audience to your page. People also love to see funny images and also inspirational quotes. As always, make sure your content is not offensive! 

We would recommend posting a minimum of 5 times per week.

Good Social Media presence can be of tremendous benefit to your businesses and in most cases, the advertising is free! Take advantage of the various platforms, and take the time to create the right strategy in order to see results. Social media does take a lot of time and thought, so consider hiring a professional to help manage your account.


by Yasmin Zafar


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