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What is Digital Marketing and why do I need it?

Internet Marketing Basics

By Yasmin Zafar, Capital Ship Marketing Group


The Digital Age

There is no denying that we are in the Digital Age. Everyone has a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet device. Look around: chances are you will see people looking at their devices at any given moment. What are they looking at? Social media? E-mail? Surfing the net? Where do you go to find a restaurant, or a specialty store? How do you choose where you decide to look? Most people will Google your business name, or your name before they decide to give your business a look. What shows up will determine whether or not their business will come your way. You had better take it very seriously or else you will be missing the boat!

Is your website effective?

Your web site should be dynamic, informative, fresh and engaging, or else it will serve no purpose. Just having a web site is not good enough. It’s your display window, and if it doesn’t encourage your customer to walk through the door, it’s a missed opportunity. If the customer walks in, but doesn’t find what they are looking for right away, you have once again missed out. The job of a good Digital Marketing company is to ensure not only that your business shows up in a search, but also that your web site is functional, engaging and easy to navigate in order to facilitate a purchase or request for a service. What if your customer finds you, but looks up reviews first? Do you know what people are saying about your business? A good or bad review will certainly impact the decision to come in or move on. You must take the time to engage in dialogue with happy and unhappy customers in order to manage your reputation, address their comments and sustain a happy clientele. A good Digital Marketing company makes it their business to help you manage, create and leverage your web presence in todays’ world.

Social Media (and your online reputation)

Social media has created a forum wherein people are encouraged to express themselves. Because the expression is not face-to-face, you will find very honest and sometimes intense comments. People like to vent, or they feel compelled to express delight at a good experience… and it will be there for everyone else to see. Never under estimate the power of word of mouth! In order for you to manage your company’s reputation, you need to make sure to review and respond to each and every person. That is critical to your reputation.

Can you afford not having help?


Running a business is time consuming and work intensive. Taking care of your day-to-day tasks should be left to you: The Expert. Do you have the extra time or knowledge of what it takes for search engine optimization, writing blogs, or creating a dynamic marketing campaign? How would you know how many people are finding you online, and what percentage of those people click on your site? Do you know what number of those visits translate into a transaction? Or how the customer found your business? All of this is very important to gage your marketing efforts, and takes expertise and time. Putting aside a budget for a digital marketing company to oversee, manage and create your online presence is a critical part of amplifying your business profit margins. It makes your life easier, and guarantees that you are not invisible.

Contact us for a free consultation so we can discuss creating a custom digital marketing strategy for your business. We will help maximize your online presence and more importantly, maximize your profits!


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